Saturday, January 5, 2013

Melody & Mike | Married

We feel so lucky to have another gorgeous wedding to share today. Mike & Melody have waited anxiously as we worked through the many challenges that we've been presented with this year. We are grateful for their patience and hope that the few weeks of extra time will prove worth it, as we poured our hearts into each of these memories for them. As I've done with each wedding this season, I studied the images for a glimpse of the love that each couple shares and the little life lessons that each wedding celebration presents. On this day, I noticed how a mostly cloudy morning gave way to a gorgeous, sun-soaked afternoon just as Melody and her father came down the aisle. These puddles of sunshine reminded me of the hope of new beginnings that come with each wedding day; a time when two hearts and two families are joined together to start fresh. Mike & Melody shined strength and beauty throughout the day, and as the sun faded into the first breath of evening,they bathed in the contentment of being in one another's arms and being surrounded by the family and friends who will walk this road with them through thick and thin. Thank you again for inviting us to be a part of your lovely celebration. 

    Mike & Melody's decor was absolutely sweet and stunning. 

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