Friday, May 25, 2012

Fight for Jen

This morning I cried three times before 9:00 a.m. I cried because my iMac was dead. I cried because I couldn't retrieve my iCal info. I cried because my ever so sweet husband actually used a slightly irritated voice directed towards me.  Oh poor me. I've had a hard week, and now it's even harder.  Then I was smacked in the face with a little bit, no a LOT, of perspective by this video.

Jen Burgess Thompson is an artist who I have been following for years.  I have known about her cancer for months and have been making small donations towards her treatment each time I fill a print order. But I have avoided really finding out about her story.  Sometimes the days are too busy. Sometimes I don't want to read another sad story. And sometimes I'm just being selfish.  But today, I held my breath and clicked on the link to the video. I tried to steel myself against the pain this video would cause. I hoped maybe I could just watch it and go on with my day. But Jen's eyes when she holds up the paper that says "I AM A MOM" are more than I can ignore.  I cried for the fourth time this morning.  For the fear that Jen must feel at the thought of leaving her boys. And for the fact that I sit and cry about computer problems while my precious children are climbing around my office waiting for me to play.  Thank God for this reminder.

So what now? I could decide that Jen is fighting a battle that I have no control over. I could decide that not too many people read my blog and that I can't accomplish much on my own. I could say a prayer and go on with my day. Or this time, I could acknowledge the tugging (or ripping) at my heart that I feel so often that says I could use this photography business to help others who need it far more than I do.  I know it's just a tiny effort but why ignore the Spirit who leads me?

So here is my idea and my plea. I will donate the entire session fee and profit from any print orders for any portrait sessions booked and paid for in the next week (through June 1).  The session can be scheduled soon or for a future date of your choosing.  Let's send our donations, love, and prayers to Jen and her sweet family, for that's what this one precious life is all about.

Please email me at or call me at 330.904.2346.

Here is a link to more info. about Jen's battle and how to donate.