Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wendy & Eric | Married

From the first email I received about Wendy & Eric's wedding, I had my fingers crossed that they would choose us to document their celebration. Wendy was like a little sister to both Ryan and I when we were young, but we had lost touch over the years. Wendy's sister Faith was helping with the planning process, and her emails about Wendy & Eric were full of pride and love about her baby sister who had grown into such a lovely young woman and fallen in love with her best friend. We were also excited when Faith told us that Wendy & Eric hoped to infuse their wedding day with their unique style. When she mentioned their vintage button collection, it was all over for me. Thankfully, things worked out as we had hoped. And we have loved every minute spent with Wendy & Eric, from the first consultation that lasted three hours to an adventurous engagement shoot and perfect wedding day. After spending time with these two, I usually end up thinking that there aren't two people more perfect for each other. Eric loves Wendy with a gentle intensity like I've never seen, and Wendy's trust and adoration for Eric shines in her eyes. It is one of the most romantic things I have ever witnessed.

Wen & Eric, your love is inspiring and full of truth. I will always remember your first look, your personal and adorable vows, the way Scott looked at Eric when he told him he would be proud if Kyler turned out to be half the man he is, your reception entrance to The Darkness, your dance to Swept Away (thank you), and the pure joy on your faces all day. And, really, those are just a few of the memories I hold so dear. We love you both and will be praying for you as you continue your love story.