Thursday, August 26, 2010

Stephanie & Chad: Married

"I remember having a dream long long ago about my wedding... and it is weird because the man I was marrying didn't have a face... and then when I met Chad that face got filled in finally with his. The ceremony was outside and I was holding pink flowers. I never thought this dream would come true. Ever." These words are straight from Stephanie's blog, and I think they are so romantic. Chad is Stephanie's dream come true, and I know she is his as well. Steph and Chad were originally going to elope in Maui because they didn't want all of the attention that a wedding brings. They are such a humble, laid back couple that they just couldn't imagine the typical wedding day production. Eventually they decided they really wanted to have their family present and planned a small, intimate wedding on Steph's sister's beautiful farm. They created a day that matched their personalities perfectly. There was no grand entrance or even an aisle. Stephanie and Chad simply mingled with their guests until it was time to start the sweet, emotion-filled ceremony. Afterwards, their closest family and friends enjoyed Old Carolina Barbecue, lawn games, and sparklers. It was a perfect summer evening, and Ryan and I were honored to document and be a part of such a lovely day. In fact, it was one of the highlights of our summer. Steph and Chad, we love you both and look forward to seeing what comes next in your beautiful story together.

I loved watching Stephanie piece together her own bouquet - her pink flowers.
Once Chad arrived, it was time for them both to get ready.

We were able to squeeze in a few portraits before Stephanie went back to putting all of the perfect details together.

Onto the ceremony full of love and emotion.
Stephanie is an artist (I can't wait until her online shop opens), and she did an amazing job styling and creating a vintage feel for the reception. She worked so hard, and it paid off.

Time for a few more portraits around the farm. I'm including a few from the first spot because I know Ryan and I have different favorites.

Steph was stunning!

I hear the Tabellions don't like to have their picture taken, but Chad was so natural and patient around the camera all day. I just love his smile.

Back to the reception for some fun.