Monday, December 24, 2012

Alison & Brian | Married

I sat with some life-long friends this week and recounted some very dear but nearly forgotten memories. The conversation drifted to all of the memories captured on film over the years and how those captured moments helped us to remember so many others from the same days spent together. It was such a reminder to me of when I first began to value the art of photography. I knew then that these were memories of the happiest days of my life, heirlooms, that I would always want to look back on. I thought of that often as I worked on Alison & Brian's wedding images this week. As I looked at the images, I recalled the strong bond between Alison and her parents, the many sweet tears shed by an adoring mother, ornery groomsmen adding humor to the day, the gorgeous settings chosen for each of the events,and the private, tender moments Alison and Brian would sneak throughout the hustle and bustle of the wedding day. Alison and Brian, we hope these images will always be a reminder of one of your happiest days together. Thank you for your kindness and the privilege of documenting it for you.  

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