Friday, July 31, 2009

Honest Crap

I was working on framing a collage of pictures of our three children this weekend and it got me thinking. What is it that I enjoy about photography and photos so much? I love every aspect of it, from the shooting and post processing to the cool gadgets. Ok so maybe at first it was the way cool gadgets that got me into it. That and Liga's constant "Come look at this blog." Or, "I really want to do this." Hint hint. She has had a camera in her hands since we met in the 9th grade. It has always been a part of her. But now it's so much more than those things for me. Every photograph is a little piece of history for someone. A moment in time preserved forever. Moments we are not meant to forget. A wedding, baby portraits, photos of loved ones. Snapshots of a memory, proof of something that maybe otherwise intangible. We still get out our wedding album and look at the different shots and they all have a story behind them. The joy that people get when they see something/someone that is special to them captured forever in a photograph is inspiring and touching to me. When I was pounding the nails into the wall to hang my collage frame, our oldest son Luke (3yrs going on 17yrs) was waiting with audible anticipation for me to pick him up so he could study the pictures. He loves to see his baby pictures as well as ones of Gavin and Livi. When I was younger, I would wonder what other people saw when they were looking at the same scene as me. Do they see the colors the same way I do? What are they looking at during a conversation with someone? What visual things bring them joy? I would wish that I could see the same scene through the eyes of someone else if just for a minute. That's what photography is for me. Showing people what I am looking at. Ten people could be looking at the same thing and when asked to describe it I bet there would be ten different answers. My photography is my point of view. How I see it.

Just like this picture. So what if it used to say "HONEST SCRAP PRICES." That is not what I saw and not what I chose to show you all! I like my way better!

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