Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Waiting on Claire

Throughout life there are those rare occasions when you meet someone who leaves an indelible impression upon your soul, someone who's presence in your life makes it forever brighter.  I remember the first time I met Abby at Bible study, and I cherish the memories of the years to follow.  I smile just thinking about Abby's vivacious laughter, unique sense of humor, moving performances, kind spirit, and faithful attitude.    Abby has been a part of some of my happiest memories, and so too has her family. Each and every member of Abby's family holds a special place in my heart.  As my young family grows, I pray for Jeff's patience and wisdom, Oleta's warmth and virtue, Ben's zest for life, and Kristy's discipline.  

I love that in Jeremy, Abby has met her perfect match - a man of faith, strength, kindness, and joy.  Abby and Jeremy, I know you will both embody all of the characteristics of your amazing families, as your family grows even more beautiful with the addition of baby Claire.  She is so lucky to have you both as parents, and Ryan and I are so thankful to have you as friends.  We love you both, and you have certainly made our lives brighter.  We can't wait to meet your precious little one.  We hope we have captured some of your joy and anticipation of her arrival.    


Jessica Davis said...

Ryan and Liga, these pics are so awesome, as usual! We hope you know that you'll be shooting us whenever I get a tummy like that. Beautiful shots! Love 'em!

Jeremy said...

You guys are amazing! These pictures are so beautiful and you really captured the moments so we can remember them forever! It was so much fun working with you guys can can't wait for future photo sessions!