Wednesday, February 4, 2009

John & Ashley

I know we have quite a few "brides-to-be" checking our blog lately, so I thought I would add another wedding post. We are excited about the weddings we are shooting this summer and can't wait to share them with you.  We have been so encouraged by the kind words of our friends and family lately.  
These images are from John and Ashley's wedding.  Ryan was in the wedding, and we were not the primary photographers.  I just offered to shoot casually and catch some additional action.  Therefore, there are no posed portraits here, but I love the emotion and beauty captured in these real moments and elegant details.  
This was a very special wedding to us, as John and Ashley are two of our favorite people.  I adore John's kind spirit, loyalty, and sense of humor, and I am more than a little jealous of Ashley's brilliance, ambition, and natural beauty. You just can't help but have fun with John and Ashley, as can be seen in their receptions photos. John and Ash, we love you guys.  Thanks for letting us post a few of your pictures.   

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Ashley said...

I absolutely love the pictures you took at our wedding! You capture such candid moments that really tell a story. One of my favorites is the one of me looking down, appearing very peaceful, when in reality I was nervously studying the ceremony's sequence of events. I also love the one of me and John dancing and the end-of-the-night Pearl Jam groomsmen tribute. And who could help but laugh at the picture of John as he struggles to place the ring on my finger! Your ability to capture that split second facial expression speaks volumes. Your pictures portray some of the most memorable moments of the night and I will forever cherish them!

Our love and thanks!