Friday, September 18, 2009


I love my children! Yes that deserves an exclamation point. We are so blessed to have such fun personalities a plenty in our little ones. They keep us going all the time. I was on the phone today with Liga while she was at home and I said, "You know, it is never quiet there when the kids are awake. They are always doing something. Something LOUD!" They are so full of life all the time and truly enjoy all the little things there is to do. But sometimes they actually get tired and sleep. Even if it doesn't happen till 10:30 sometimes after an hour long battle, they sleep. And they are so precious with their little eyelashes and mouths, closed by the way, that I can't help but to want to lay down with them and stay in that moment for a few hours. So here is to kids, mischief, endless energy, and most importantly sleep. And we will do it all again tomorrow.

Sometimes sleep happens in peculiar places! Wagon rides or restaurant tables.

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