Thursday, September 10, 2009

Karisa and Joe

Look at this beautiful couple that we got to photograph and get to work with again tomorrow!   By the time that I am typing and posting this it will officially be Karisa and Joe's wedding day! This shoot was a little out of the ordinary and that made it a lot of fun.   We met Joe and Karisa up at Whipps Ledges for some hiking and to get to know the dogs before the big day.  The dogs were a blast to play with and hike with.  As you can see from the images, Joe and Karisa are awesome people to hang with which makes our job so much easier.  They are both so easygoing and easy to talk to that I almost forgot we were supposedly "working."  And I think I learned more about birds that day than I ever did in biology class thanks to Karisa.  After wandering around on the trails for awhile, we busted out the propane grill and had dinner at the park.  And wow can Joe make some burgers!  Liga and I had so much fun with you two and are glad to call you friends.  Hope all goes well today and can't wait to photograph the wedding.

I think someone was pouting and feeling left out!

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Jessica said...

Yet, another set of just amazing shots! It's as though these tell a little story. OH, to have the eyes of you two! Just awesome!