Thursday, January 27, 2011

Angie & Logan: Married

I am completely smitten with Angie and Logan's thoughtful, unique, and romantic wedding day. I loved how they chose for the day to reflect their values. The details and moments of the day were infused with compassion, simplicity, and sincerity - three of my favorite characteristics in a couple and a wedding celebration. I will never forget brushing away tears to photograph the processional, breathing in the sweet pine scent during the ceremony, and escaping barefoot into the quiet woods for a few portraits with the bride and groom. Angie and Logan, thank you for allowing us to capture these memories and for being the kind of people that I am proud to call family and strive to be more like.
I loved the handmade bags and jewelry that Angie gave to her bridesmaids.

Simple yet stunning bridesmaids dresses that can be worn again.

I loved this ceremony spot nestled among the trees.

Angie and Logan donated to clean water projects in honor of their guests and had a "Coins for Clean Water" well that the children enjoyed dropping pennies into.
Taco salad bar, sundae bar, and cupcakes made up a savory and sweet menu.


allieosu3 said...

This is by far my favorite of all your shoots. I love the vintage feel to it. You guys rock!!!

Emily said...

LOVE IT!!! You just made me so excited for my wedding coming up=) I can't wait!