Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Abby & Brandon: Married

In my blog post of Abby and Brandon's engagement session, I predicted their wedding day to be full of kindness, charm, wit, and style. I looked forward to their day all summer, and it did not disappoint. The wedding was held at the home of Abby's parents, and I am in awe of the things her father has built there. Seriously, they may find me moving my furniture into their carriage house some day. I love every detail that Abby, Brandon, and their families put together for their day, and I especially loved witnessing this most amazing chapter in Abby and Brandon's love story. Abby and Brandon, we feel so lucky to have been a part of your day. We love you and pray for many blessings in your future. Here are some of our favorites from your sweet, stylish soiree.

I believe Abby created their awesome wedding logo and theme. I am supremely jealous of her design talent.

The first look always produces some of my favorite images of the day.

This is the porch of the home that Abby and Brandon will be restoring with the help of her father. Amazing!

My favorite image of the summer.

I LOVE this structure that Abby's father built for his girls' weddings.
One of my favorite moments from the day was when Abby and Brandon braided this rope, along with their grandfather, to signify becoming one.

I love this shot Ryan captured of Brandon singing to his bride.

Best. Appetizers. Ever.

Thank you again for allowing us to be a part of your beautiful day.

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David Price said...

Beautiful photo set - Phenomenal locations!