Thursday, July 22, 2010

Reese: 3 months

We photographed sweet Reese at the beginning of the summer. We had planned a number of poses we wanted to try with Reese, but we were soon reminded that babies often have their own plans. He wasn't feeling too well the night of his session, but we were able to catch some of his quizzical, happy, and content moments in between the sad ones. Reese is an absolutely gorgeous baby. Honestly, I could stare at him all day. Jaclyn and Matt, thank you so much for allowing us to photograph your beautiful baby boy!


Nicole said...

Love Reese Peanut!!! You guys did such an awesome job, considering the circumstance with that handsome nephew of mine!!! Looking forward to our family photos!!!

R & L Photography said...

Thanks Nicole! We appreciate your kind words. Sweet Reese wasn't feeling so well that day, but he still did a great job. We enjoyed meeting you yesterday! :)